I get it, and I care.

I’ve been creating with words and pictures since I was young, and I’ve been doing it professionally for a long time. I’ve worked for corporations, nonprofits, agencies, magazines, newspapers and publishing houses, and my portfolio includes children’s books, engineering websites and supplier diversity handbooks. During my years as a creative manager, I relied on freelancers myself. As a hands-on helper, I put all of my experience to work for you.

Here’s a bio for some context: I launched my freelance business in 2015 soon after I completed my Master of Fine Arts in poetry. Prior to that I managed a creative team, including writers, designers and a videographer, for Kiwanis International. In addition to projects for youth service clubs, my talented team developed a creative strategy and a suite of marketing, fundraising and educational materials for The Eliminate Project, a global campaign to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, in partnership with UNICEF.

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During the campaign, I traveled to the Philippines to learn about and report on the project’s impact. Before Kiwanis, I worked as a copywriter at an agency, Hetrick Communications, and collaborated with designers and account execs on projects for Cook Medical, Duke Realty, United Water and others. At RCI, I managed content for a travel app and worked as a resort industry magazine editor, managing a team and collaborating with local and global colleagues on stories about sales, leadership and financing. Earlier in my career, I served as a managing editor for St. Louis magazine; a copyeditor for an alternative weekly, The Riverfront Times; an associate editor at a literary city magazine, Buffalo Spree; and an associate editor in the book industry at Holiday House and Dial Books for Young Readers.

A published poet, essayist, journalist and blogger, I hold a master of fine arts degree in poetry from Butler University, a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the State University of New York at Buffalo and an English degree from the University of Kansas. 

Born into a family of artists in New Orleans (my mother, Andra Chase, is a painter and illustrator and my paternal grandfather, John C. Chase Sr., was a cartoonist and historian), I was raised in Kansas City. I’ve also lived in New York City, Buffalo and St. Louis. In my undergrad years, I studied abroad in Angers, France, and worked in Oxford, England.

I work from my circa 1930 house in Irvington, a historic neighborhood on the East Side of Indianapolis, where I live with my husband, two beagles and two twentysomething kids who come and go. When I’m not writing or collaborating on projects, you’ll find me gardening, painting and collaging, writing poems and essays or running the streets with my hounds.


My Values
  • Responsibility

    I’m responsive, proactive and a stickler for deadlines.

  • Collaboration

    I enjoy listening and creating with partners and teams, and I’m always open to feedback.

  • Trust

    I'm honest. You can trust me to respect confidentiality and honor what’s important to you.

  • Kindness

    I genuinely care about people, and I serve my clients thoughtfully and politely.

  • Energy

    I run and walk outdoors every day, invigorating my mind with a fresh take on your projects.

  • Diversity

    I’m naturally inclusive and seek out clients and opportunities beyond my “comfort zone.”

  • Art

    Trained as a poet and painter, I approach your work with an artistic eye.

  • Family

    A longtime working mom, I love to lift my clients’ load and improve their work-life balance.

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  • What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa’s a freelancer, but we also think of her as part of our company. She’s an amazing sounding board, and she’s great with strategy and knowing how to break up content. Every project we do with Alyssa is better because she’s involved.”

    Stephanie Russell
    Creative Director
    Plow Digital
  • What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa doesn’t just get the job done — she really cares and gets to know people. She always digs deeper so she can help more. I can’t tell you how many times she’s sent me a resource and says, “This made me think of you!” or “This could be helpful!” She extends that warmth and thoughtfulness to all her clients.”

    Sarah Mathison
    Former Director, Marketing & Communications
    The Heritage Group
  • What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa has encouraged me to challenge long-held reservations about writing. Her rigorous preparatory process makes it fun to tell authentic stories with relevant adjacent messages and facts. Alyssa is simply the best at what she does.”

    Senior Executive
    Fortune 500 Company


My New Orleans roots occasionally appear in my vocabulary (lagniappe means “a little something extra”) and in my taste for hot sauce, coffee and seafood. I’m an avid gardener in summer and lug giant houseplants inside for the winter.

Since childhood, I’ve been feeding the birds—even in New York City. I love animals, especially my two beagles, Ollie and Juno. I spent my early years two blocks from Lake Pontchartrain, and I still love water—the ocean, local creeks, clear Ozark rivers and the pond in my backyard. I come from a family of artists: My mom is a painter; my paternal grandfather was a political cartoonist and historian. My husband, Robert Rebein, is a published author, former dean and a professor of English and creative writing. He’s helped me understand leaders and intellectuals. My children, Ria and Jake, are my most precious creations. It brings me joy to watch them keep growing.

Did I mention that I'm an extrovert?

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