If you’re experiencing a transition on your team or you need an experienced writer and communicator to mentor junior employees, call me! I have a knack for strengthening teams by helping others be their best. Clients have called upon me to fill gaps on their teams, cover a valued employee’s maternity leave – even set up a social media program run by interns. Here are some of the ways I can help:

  • Coaching team members 
  • Covering for team members on leave
  • Easing the pain of a restructuring
  • Filling gaps when you have a vacancy 
  • Hiring and guiding interns
  • Mentoring junior staff


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For small companies without a marketing department, I can also help by setting up different communications programs and keeping them running. Give me a call if you’d like to:

  • Attract potential employees and clients with a social media program
  • Develop a communications and marketing plan
  • Engage current employees with an internal communications program 
  • Refresh your website

    “Working with Alyssa is great for young professionals in the communications field. As an intern at ASG, working with Alyssa made me a better writer and editor. She has a great management style where she walks through edits and projects instead of dictating them or just doing them herself.”

    Jacob Keith
    Account Manager, Good Aim Communications

    “Alyssa puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and she has a genuine love for people that shines through her writing and interactions with others. Her strengths as a storyteller, relationship builder and big-picture thinker were invaluable to me during some of the toughest moments of my career. I will forever be grateful for her support and guidance — personally and professionally.”

    Bree Dunscombe
    Internal Communications Director, Marathon Health

    “Alyssa is incredibly important to our social media program. She has the right connections. She found our interns, and she knows the recruiting and interview process well. She helps the interns with the communications process and leads them. She also understands what ASG is about. All of those factors make the program run smoothly.”

    Onna Koeneman
    Quality Risk Manager, Adjutant Solutions Group

Got a gap to fill? I can help.

Just ask.