My experience and training have made me versatile, thoughtful and flexible. A former journalist, magazine editor and creative manager, I also hold a Master of Fine Arts in poetry. Here are some of the things I’d love to write for you:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Creative copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Guides
  • Long-form writing 
  • Messaging
  • Websites

To read samples of my work, take a look at my portfolio.


  • What my clients say

    “Alyssa is an excellent writer and editor. She is thoughtful and thorough in understanding the subject matter to ensure that she communicates the right message to the intended audience.”

    Carolyn Mosby
    Vice President, Marketing Communications
    Datum Software
  • What my clients say

    “Alyssa has encouraged me to challenge long-held reservations about writing. Her rigorous preparatory process makes it fun to tell authentic stories with relevant adjacent messages and facts. Alyssa is simply the best at what she does.”

    Senior Executive
    Fortune 500 Company
  • What my clients say

    “In more than 30 years of creating content for businesses, Alyssa is one of a small group of people who understands how to walk in the shoes of the audience. Sometimes stakeholders want something done to show they are doing something. Alyssa gets stakeholders to focus on creating content that gets results instead of content for the sake of content.”

    John Allen
    Director, Digital Content
  • What my clients say

    “I find Alyssa’s writing style engaging and clear. We’ve recently done several technical projects together for Conexus, and she was very helpful in making sure we weren’t talking to ourselves with our own jargony language. She’s also self-reliant, and doesn’t rely on the client to fill in holes. Her project management and writing style made her the right fit.”

    Laura Miller
    Vice President of Communications
    Conexus Indiana

I'm here to help. What can I write for you?

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