• What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa’s incredibly well organized, creative, focused on what’s important to employees and good at keeping the project on task. She’s a great listener, and an even better writer, with great instincts and heart.”

    Debby Routt
    Chief People Experience Officer
    Marathon Health
  • What my Clients Say

    “One of Alyssa’s strengths is looking at your business strategically. She made us work more effectively. No matter what personalities you have in your organization, she makes everyone want to step up to the plate.”

    Kelly McVey
    Kit Magazine
  • What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa's input on our associate wellness package helped increase participation in the program, and her cleanup of an annual open enrollment benefits program was done in such a way that, years later, we can still ‘rinse and repeat’ for the annual process.”

    John Allen
    Director, Digital Content
    One America
  • What my Clients Say

    “Working with Alyssa is a real adrenaline boost. You can give her an idea and rough layout, and she creates a compelling body of work. She’s an amazing sounding board, and is able to weigh in on a strategy level: She’s there from the onset of the project into concept, wire frame, static layouts and beyond.”

    Stephanie Russell Conway
    Creative Director
    Plow Digital
  • What my Clients Say

    “Working with Alyssa is like having a cheerleader. Whenever I’m feeling uncertain about something, she helps me talk it out. I love that she’s not afraid to throw ideas out there. It helps get the ball rolling and jog more thought, and makes her super fun to collaborate with. She’s always willing to try new things, including new technology.”

    Megan Price
    Communications Coordinator
    Schwarz Partners
  • What my Clients Say

    “ASG succeeds because Alyssa’s core values align with ours. Client success is one: She has a desire to learn about ASG and what we’re trying to accomplish. She has integrity. She’s fully accountable. With Alyssa on my team, I don’t have to chase the program or any deadlines. She guides the project plan and makes sure it’s being executed.”

    Onna Koeneman
    Quality Risk Manager
    Adjutant Solutions Group
  • What my Clients Say

    “Alyssa’s very responsive and organized. She takes and gives feedback well, and she’s not afraid to take contrary views. She’s in it for the best possible outcome, not herself. She’s also very well-connected locally. That’s a bonus when you hire Alyssa. You also have the potential to connect with her network. She’s a total package!”

    Sarah Mathison
    Director, Marketing & Communications
    The Heritage Group